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El Maset del Vilosell with the right fiscal Gemma Bonet Cunillera Spanish at home with C/ Major, 2, 25440 Vinaixa, www.elmaset.cat owns the website, and as such, the information that you provide certain necessary data personal, in compliance with the Act (15/1999) of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data will be stored in our files relating solely to provide you with the services and information offered.

Consent and authorization for the processing of personal data:

El Maset del Vilosell, responsible for the files, consider that when you provide your personal data through formlaris reservation or request information contained in this website or through email, you are giving your consent and consent to treat your information in our files, though revocable, without retroactive effect, and agree to the privacy policies regarding your information will be handled confidentially and in compliance with all legal requirements contained in the Data Protection Act and other applicable legislation. The privacy policies are governed by the rules only apply to Spain, leaving it subject to both domestic and overseas using this website.

El Maset del Vilosell, informing him that under no circumstances be obliged to provide us with personal data, and these are adequate, relevant and necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they are collected, however, these are necessary to provide the services, all fields are required to respond unless the existing references with an asterisk (*).

Rights of access, rectification, cancellation of their personal data:

At any time entitled to free access to our files to check their data, correct if wrong have changed and cancel them if you do not wish to built them. Can tell us you want to exercise the right in writing or in person Cunillera Gemma Bonet, C/ Mayor, 2, 25440 Vinaixa or email hola@elmaset.cat.

El Maset del Vilosell informs you that your data is treated confidentially and used only internally and for the purposes stated. So do not communicate or give your information to any third party, unless authorized by the user.

It is important for us to keep your personal data updated, inform us that have always been some change in them, otherwise do not respond to their veracity. Furthermore, we certify that all information which you request. gives us are true, valid and relevant to the purpose for which they request, and that makes for himself. We understand that if you do not cancel your use of our personal data files, continues to remain interested in incorporating the same until the Maset Vilosell it deems necessary and as appropriate to the purpose for which it was obtained.

The use of cookies on our websites have the sole purpose of data relate to the different forms of application data. The cookies are some files that are stored on your computer when visiting the website, but they are immediately deleted when you close the browser.

El Maset del Vilosell can modify these privacy policies to adapt to the legislation or case law on personal data as they appear, so it requires reading every time you provide your information through this Web. For any question regarding your personal data, please feel free to contact us on telephone 607 45 67 45, in writing or in person at the address indicated above at the top of this page and through hola@elmaset.cat.

El Maset del Vilosell

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